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Want your 50s to be the best time of your life? Discover how you can regain the energy and vigor of your 20s while easily overcoming the challenges of your age.

Are you nervous about the changes happening to your body as you approach menopause?

Do you worry about your weight more than ever as you enter your 50s?

Do you want to start healthy lifestyle habits that are easy to follow with your schedule?

If you answered yes to the questions asked above, then you need to educate yourself about the most trending method of weight loss – intermittent fasting!Intermittent fasting is a lifestyle where you go for short or intermediate periods of time without food. This “not eating” window can be as short as 12 hours, including sleep time.

Its popularity stems from its simplicity – no calorie counting, no restrictions, no starving yourself… but with the benefit of weight loss.Apart from helping you lose weight, intermittent fasting is also associated with numerous health benefits, like improved insulin sensitivity helping with Type 2 diabetes, enhanced cognitive functions, reduced stress and inflammation, and fighting other chronic health conditions like cancer and PCOS.

However, if not done properly, it can exacerbate hormonal imbalance in women, especially those over 50.

This doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the benefits of intermittent fasting. You just need to follow some simple fasting guidelines in order to tap into the many benefits associated with it while dodging the risks altogether.

This book is where you begin. Here is just a small fraction of what you will discover in this detailed guide to intermittent fasting:

What makes intermittent fasting work so miraculously — the science behind the routineProven techniques of intermittent fasting — finally understanding whether you’re a Warrior or an OMAD personTightening your seat belt before the take-off… know the safety protocols of fasting methodsThe methods of losing weight celebs like Kourtney Kardashian and Scarlett Johansson swear bySuccessful meal scheduling strategies for absolute beginners – worry not, you’re covered with a planner to make it super simple!Typical fasting mistakes that others made and you can learn from -- discover how to fail-safe your IF routine Effective 28-day plans for the best fasting techniques for women over 50 (designed by the author, an RN and fitness instructor, herself!)

And much more!Even if you think you’re too old to lose weight, it’s never too late to find out what your body is capable of.

It is time to start educating yourself on the best possible way you can have a more balanced life… and start practicing it too!

Happy fasting!

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