Amazing Truths by Michael Guillen

Author: Michael Guillen

Category: Religious & Inspirational

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Does science discredit the Bible, God, religious faith?Absolutely not, says Dr. Michael Guillen, former Harvard physics instructor and Emmy-winning ABC News Science Editor. In Amazing Truths, he uses his entertaining, down-to-earth storytelling skills to reveal ten astonishing truths affirmed by both ancient Scripture and modern science that answer some of our biggest questions:Can faith really move mountains?Does absolute truth exist?Are humans truly unique?Is it possible to communicate with God?How much about the universe do we actually know?How could Jesus have been fully man and fully God?In Amazing Truths, Dr. Guillen explains that faith is not some outdated way of thinking. Faith is a necessary part of science, Christianity, and any intelligent, comprehensive, coherent worldview--vastly more powerful than even logic.Amazing Truths will expand your mind and bolster your faith. You will see for yourself what Dr. Guillen, a theoretical physicist and devout Christian, has discovered in a lifetime of serious exploration--that science and faith are not at odds. In fact, they're the ultimate power couple.