Author: Kevin A. Dolan

Category: Children & Middle Grade

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Did You Know that Elephants Are the Only Animal That Can’t Jump? Or that Horses and Cows Actually Sleep Standing Up?

Have you ever seen your kid reading a book for

2 hours straight

just because it was

THAT interesting, exciting, and fun?

I get comments like this

all the time

from people who bought this book, and on top of that… I saw it

with my own eyes

when my son grabbed it.

Check out what’s inside:

Does your little one love animals? This section will be surprisingly good!Crazy facts about the Sun and Planet Earth that most people never heard ofHow our brain actually works? Simple facts about your head that will blow your mind!Secret languages no person on a planet can understand, and how your language startedCrazy Physics facts that make full sense, but you never thought about themSports facts for curious sports enthusiasts who like crazy unknown stuffTotally random facts your kids will find extremely interestingSo much more!

This book is not just about facts that will feed your little one’s mind with the

right and useful information.

This book can be used as a game, an opportunity for family members to join together and

have a great time

while reading it, or… just pick it up whenever you feel like reading something interesting your brain loves.

So don’t wait. Click “BUY NOW” and Surprise Your Little One With This Amazing Gift!