Alpha SEALs Coronado by Makenna Jameison

Author: Makenna Jameison

Category: Romantic Suspense

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From USA Today Bestselling Author Makenna Jameison. The first three Alpha SEALs Coronado books in one set!

He’s her fiercest protector. She’s his only weakness. A Navy SEAL doesn’t expect to find a beautiful hostage when running his op…

Navy SEAL Blake “Raptor” Reynolds is a legend in his own right. His ability to sneak into enemy territory, sight unseen, and eliminate the target has earned him the reputation of being cool, hard, and calculating. When his team infiltrates an enemy camp in Colombia to disarm a terror cell, the last thing he expects is a beautiful, injured blonde to bring him to his knees.

Biologist Clarissa Rothschild has been conducting research in the Colombian rainforests. When she leaves her camp one day, she is captured by insurgents. The leader of a Navy SEAL team with penetrating dark eyes and brute force strength is just what she needs to get out alive—and exactly the type of man she’d never fall for.

When they’re separated from the others, the sparks between them begin to ignite. Heated nights in the jungle shouldn’t lead to wanting anything more, but Blake realizes he’ll risk everything for Clarissa’s safety and the chance to make her his.

He’s rescued people all over the world…but she’s the only one he can’t forget.

Department of Defense admin Hailey Fletcher never expects a suicide bomber at Bagram Airfield to cut her year-long assignment short. Nor does she expect a muscular Navy SEAL to come to her rescue. Her skin heats at his gentle touch, but it’s the smoldering way he looks at her that sends shivers racing down her spine.

Navy SEAL Grayson “Ghost” Douglass has rescued his fair share of civilians over the years, but the auburn-haired woman with piercing green eyes is the only one he can’t get out of his head. Weeks pass, and he reconnects with her in San Diego, knowing he must see if the sparks and chemistry between them can turn into something real.

Neither of them expects danger to have followed them home from Afghanistan—but the traitor from base behind the bombing knows Hailey can identify him, and he’ll stop at nothing to silence her forever.Grayson won’t rest until he finds the man after her and until he convinces Hailey to be his once and for all.

He’ll fight all her battles and stop at nothing to make her his…

Navy SEAL Jackson “K-Bar” Clinefield is strong, silent, and lethal. He’s not interested in the flirtatious women always hanging around his teammates, but when he meets his buddy’s beautiful yet reserved neighbor, he can’t deny their instant attraction—even if he suspects she’s hiding something from him.

Taryn Miller is on the run. Her abusive ex-husband has tracked her across the United States, and she’s finally settled into a new life—and new name—in San Diego. When trouble catches up to her, leaving her bruised and badly shaken, Jackson is the one who rushes to her side. The massive and muscular Navy SEAL should terrify her, but he’s gentler than any man she’s ever known, and she feels nothing but safe and protected in his arms.

Discovering someone laid a hand on the innocent Taryn makes Jackson see red. He’ll stop at nothing to track down her abusive ex and won’t rest until the gorgeous brunette is safe in his arms and sleeping in his bed—forever. Read more