Author: Tiffany Turner

Category: Historical Romance

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** Newly Edited **Get lost in the world that Alley brings to life for her grandchildren, Jen and Jimmy, as she weaves for them the tale of the summer that she met-and fell in love with- Angelo Adducci, one of history's most notorious and vicious crime bosses. As she pulls them into her story, Jen and Jimmy will learn that their grandmother wasn't always elderly, frail and grey-no, she was once young, beautiful and had a smile that could charm the devil or even, Angelo Adducci.When the story begins, Alley is a young woman who dreams of travelling the world with the Navy as a nurse and spends her free time as a waitress in her best friend Joe's bar. On a boring, cloudy day in New York City in 1941, her entire life will change, for she is about to be swept away into a world of mobsters, murder and intrigue. You see, sometimes the man you fall for is prince charming, sometimes, he's just a monster in a fedora hat.