Author: Mara Webb

Category: Cozy Mysteries

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Sadie Alden got on a plane with no intention of looking back. She sold up her cafes back home and took up an opportunity that looked too good to be true. A beach side café on a remote island where no one knows her name, doesn’t that sound like heaven? Well… things are never simple. News of her arrival seemed to travel fast across the island of Hallow Haven, but the locals know things about Sadie that she hasn’t told anyone, things that even she doesn’t know. She’s barely started a tour of the place before she is dragged into a cellar to dodge the incoming storm. Her new friend Kate insists that Sadie accompany her on a damage check around the island. First stop; the cemetery. It seems that there is one extra grave and it has been uncovered by the rain. This is the beginning of a whole new chapter for Sadie, she is about to learn things about herself that have been hidden all her life. It turns out she has relatives out here, and they are all witches too. Hallo Haven is a place filled with ancient feuds, magic and secrecy. Sadie was brought here by fate and only she can bring peace to the islands that surround her. Who can she turn to for help? The hot Sheriff that is trying to keep his distance, the local hiking expert that appears when Sadie is in danger, or the ghost in her kitchen? Life’s a beach. All Wands on Deck is the first book in the Hallow Haven Witch Mysteries series.