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The First in the Romance Series featuring African American CouplesRafael and Akilah Part 1 of 3Rafael was positive that the sins of living in the streets would catch up with him and he'd be dead by the time he was twenty. So for his sister to find him and give him the second chance he desperately needed and wanted was the equivalent of his wildest dreams. Meeting Akilah on the first day of that second chance went way beyond them. What him and Akilah begin is the whirlwind love story of novels that's just too good to be true. Dating. Sex. Whispered vows. It's just too perfect. So Rafael shouldn't have been surprised when the one thing that could ruin it shows up on his doorstep. His stepdad. The reason he ran away from home three years ago in the first place. And all of a sudden Rafael feels like the powerless, desperate kid he used to be who wanted to protect the people he loved so much from the man that he endured his abuse for years. But Rafael won't endure that again, not even for Akilah. He may love her, but not at the expense of his sanity.  The problem is his sanity's already been compromised.

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