Author: Sherilee Gray

Category: Erotic Romance

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Another loss. Another goodbye.I was looking for an escape from the pain, I found it in a crowded bar—in a pair of hungry blue eyes. One perfect night with a sexy, tattooed stranger. No names. No promises. No messy emotions. Except Mase Parker is no stranger.My one-night stand is the new sheriff in town—the same unreasonable jackass I’ve been talking to for months while I redecorated his house…and my best friend’s, recently divorced, older brother. I should stay away from him, we decided it was for the best. So why can’t we keep our hands off each other?And when Mase makes it clear he wants all of me, I know it’s time to hitch my trailer and head out of town, because staying would mean risking my heart—but another goodbye might break it completely…