Author: Sean Patten

Category: Dystopian & Apocalyptic

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You’re stuck in the city of lights, just as the lights go out…Justin Powell is no fan of crowds, and with reports coming in of an impending solar storm, Las Vegas is the last place on earth he wants to be. Duty bound to attend his father’s funeral, he just wants to grit his teeth through the family reunion and get out of there, but his brother has a different kind of send-off in mind…A survivalist who’s spent months preparing for the worst, Justin has little patience for his brother’s high-rolling lifestyle. But before old wounds can be re-opened, disaster strikes: a catastrophic EMP that reduces America’s brightest city to a pitch-black shell of its former self.As the casino lights go out and the infrastructure and systems that protect us all begin to crumble, the brothers must navigate frenzied crowds, criminal gangs, and a city spinning wildly out of control. The stakes could not be higher. And the name of the only game in town? Survive.This is the first book in the Lights Out in Vegas series.