Author: Cara Bristol

Category: Paranormal Romance

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Mail order brides of the future travel from Earth to an primitive planet to meet the alien men of their dreams.

This boxed set contains all four books of the Alien Mate series: Alien Mate, Alien Attraction, Alien Intention, and Alien Mischief.
Alien Mate

Falsely convicted, she’s exiled and sent to become an alien’s mail order bride.

I’m Starr Elizabeth Conner. I was falsely convicted me of a crime and sent to Dakon, a primitive, frozen planet. to become an alien's mate. I don't care if he is incredibly hot and the chief of his tribe. I don't want to be a barbarian's bride!

I am Torg. With this shipment of females, I was sure to get a fine, sturdy mate who’ll bear me many daughters. Instead, I receive a small, curvy, pale-haired female who looks at me with anger and fear. It is only when we “kiss” that I believe things may work out between us. But I’m hearing rumors that Starr and her shipmates are law-breakers. The penalty for breaking the rules is exile.

Just when I have found my mate, will I have to send her away?