Author: Stuart Church

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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Sixteen year old Alexis Sparks is shocked to emerge from cryo-sleep, finding herself 217 years in the future orbiting Neptune. Her rescuers seem nice at first, until she is forced into a system of cruel child-labor, working in the bitter cold mines on Neptune digging diamonds from the subterranean caves.

The other teens are hardened and suspicious, bullying Alexis. Should she just take it, or find the courage to stand up and demand respect?

Something else lurks within the system of volcanic passages, vicious creatures with glowing maws who threaten to drag the young miners deep within the dark tunnels to their deaths.

Just when the situation seems hopeless, Alexis makes her first friend, Erik, another teen who recently arrived from Iceland. Together they plot their escape. But what about the other kids? Could Alexis and Erik just leave them behind to suffer for the rest of their short lives?

Alexis faces a difficult moral dilemma: get out while she can, or risk her life to help the others, even if some of the girls are jerks.

Ultimately, Alexis discovers that sometimes the people you trust betray you. And other times you discover your enemies can become your most loyal friends.

Join the hard-knock crew of teens as they take on the mining operation's evil overlord, Lance Vikus, and his gang of powerful androids. Can the young miners overthrow Vikus' iron-handed command of the Montax Mining outpost? Or are they all condemned to a life of hard labor? Strap on your safety harness and come aboard!