Author: J.R. Rain and Piers Anthony

Category: Action & Adventure

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From bestselling authors Piers Anthony and J.R. Rain! The first in a completed trilogy featuring Aladdin and his magical lamp!The end of the original "Aladdin of the Lamp" finds the cunning Aladdin ruler of a great kingdom. Now, many years have passed...Aladdin is older, richer and wiser...and heartbroken. After losing his beloved wife and son to foul play, he resigns from being king and sets out to do what he does best....Now working as an anonymous relic hunter using the name Niddala (Aladdin spelled backward), he's hired by a desperate?and beautiful?noblewoman named Jewel to rescue her kidnapped son. Prince Zeyn, a powerful wizard from the magical land of Djinnland, has designs on Aladdin's kingdom, and Jewel's son is to be the final piece of a bloody plot to rule two worlds.To save the boy and his kingdom, Aladdin soon realizes he must seek the aid of a once-powerful ally, the mighty Djinn of the Lamp. Unfortunately, the djinn is being held prisoner by Zeyn in Djinnland, a magical land full of dragons and ogres, magic carpets and magic castles. With time rapidly running out, Aladdin and Jewel will journey into a world far stranger than anything they had ever imagined, a world full of danger at every turn, a world in which they may never return. It will take all their cunning and wits to stay alive...but will they do so in time to save the djinn, her son, and a kingdom?????? "A very interesting book, well-written by 2 of my favorite authors. I've been a Piers Anthony fan since 1984, with his multitude of fantasy and sci-fi series. I've read just about everything he has written, and J R Rain with his "Vampire for Hire" series has held my interest ever since I read "Moon Dance" ("Vampire for Hire #1") In this book, titled "Aladdin Relighted " these two authors have come together and created a story that kept me entertained throughout the entire book. I look forward to reading the next book in this trilogy!" ?Amazon reviewer????? "A new take on my beloved Aladdin story. After secluding himself to a life of hiding after the death of his wife and son, Aladdin aka Niddala rediscovers what life, adventure, and love are all about while searching for the son of a beautiful woman that takes him to the world of ginnies. Be ready for a delightful book full of action, drama with the perfect amount of humor." ?Amazon reviewer????? "Easy to follow plot with a pretty fast pace. The snarky banter between Niddala and Jewel is funny and the growing sexual tension is hilarious. Jewel is a woman who certainly knows how to use her assets to her advantage, and the results kept me in stitches." ?Amazon reviewer????? "OMGoodness! I LOVED this little gem. It was so true to the movies that it was so refreshing to read!!!! Good going, and what a break from the norm. I will be reading more along this series!!!!!" ?Amazon reviewer????? "Great magical tale written with just the right amount of humor to go with lots of scary plot twists and turns that will keep the reader turning page after page. I especially liked the mixture of light-hearted modern and old-world prose, it kept the story from bogging down. I read the book in one setting! And I'm certainly looking forward to the next adventure." ?Amazon reviewer