Author: Ira Nirenberg

Category: Cozy Mysteries

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A one of kind gold whistle topped with a pink diamond that was rumored to have belonged to legendary Coach Bear Bryant, sets the stage for this offbeat murder mystery that takes place in November of 2003.Harness Luken and George Williams escape from Grand Pointe Psychiatric Facility only to find themselves suspects in a murder investigation. Complications arise when they hitch a ride with an eccentric woman named Becky Kay, whose traveling companions are two blind cats and one very clever chicken. The boys tag along with Becky Kay and meet Brother Billy, a man with a Gift, who preaches under the Big Tent. Things take a peculiar turn when Harness, George, and Brother Billy discover they have a common acquaintance: Dr. Whitney Frank, who was once a quarterback for the University of Alabama and is currently the Medical Director of Grand Pointe.The diamond topped whistle is no secret to Dr. Frank; he’s been searching for it for years. A recommendation on a blog the doctor follows convinces him to hire a “detective” to do a bit of leg work for him. The results prove deadly."An irreligious satire rolled up into a murder mystery."" Good God! It's the Maltese Falcon meets of Mice and Men."

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