Author: Ty J. Snow

Category: African-American Interest

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“That's your fault, how many times you forgiven me? How was I to know that you was plain sick of me? I know the way a nigga's livin’ was whack But you don't get a nigga back like that!”- Jay-Z, Song CryAfter getting her heart stomped on for the 1000th time, Emory “Stone” Mercer, made it her mission to stay far, far away from the person who nearly destroyed her - her ex, Xavier. She thought that leaving the state that she loved and pursuing a life she hated would be just what her young life needed to keep her promise to herself…and her sister. While away at school, Stone realizes that she needs a weekend away to re-evaluate her goals. She's excited to go back to the place she calls home and clear her mind. It's been months since she’s checked back in on the people that mean the most to her: her older sister, Leilani, “brother”, Malakhi, and best friend, Mercy. With slight weariness, Stone wonders how much trouble a weekend of partying could really cause. Is she tripping, or will a quick weekend getaway threaten everything she's worked so hard to forget? CAUTION: This book will leave you not wanting to LET GO! In this debut novel by newcomer, Ty J. Snow, prepare to be blown away by the author’s art of storytelling. Ty does a great job of capturing all the characters’ emotions and allowing her readers to reminisce about the past they've tried to escape while causing them to beg for more.