Author: Gaia Vince

Category: General Nonfiction

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A science journalist travels the world to explore humanity’s ecological devastation—and its potential for renewal in this “compelling read” (


, UK).

  We live in times of profound environmental change. According to a growing scientific consensus, the dramatic results of man-made climate change have ushered the world into a new geological era: the Anthropocene, or Age of Man. As an editor at 


, Gaia Vince couldn’t help but wonder if the greatest cause of this dramatic planetary change—humans’ singular ability to adapt and innovate—might also hold the key to our survival.   To investigate this provocative question, Vince travelled the world in search of ordinary people making extraordinary changes to the way they live—and, in many cases, finding new ways to thrive. From Nepal to Patagonia and beyond, Vince journeys into mountains and deserts, forests and farmlands, to get an up close and personal view of our changing environment. Part science journal, part travelogue, 

Adventures in the Anthropocene

 recounts Vince’s journey, and introduces an essential new perspective on the future of life on Earth.