Author: Tara West

Category: Paranormal Romance

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A strong siren, mischievous dragon-shifters, a murderous mage, and an ancient Fae legend make this romance a wild adventure!

First night in the dungeon like all new students? Um...check.

Fighting for my life against a powerful mage? No way...check.

Three hot-as-hades dragon-shifters framed for my attempted murder? Checkmate.

Everyone I've ever loved has betrayed me, and I said I'd never trust again. Until them—three rebel dragon-shifters with a penchant for mischief and devastating smiles. Putting my life in their hands isn’t easy. Especially against a murderous mage—who happens to be my grandfather—and an ancient Fae legend.

But it’s necessary, while I desperately work to unlock the siren voice inside me before it’s too late.