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True love wasn’t always something that Hazel received although it was something he always gave. Especially to the one woman he loved with everything he had in him. After the love of his life, Vix, was murdered he gave up on loving and dating completely. He couldn’t bare the pain that came with love.That was until he ran into the beautiful, classy, and sweet Mashayla. Mashayla was a young, successful entrepreneur and she too loved hard. After getting her heart broken into a million pieces just a few months before her wedding, her life felt as if it was crumbling into pieces. She never knew that helping one of her love ones would push her into the arms of a real man who was willing to love, cherish, and honor her for the queen that she was. Mashayla and Hazel realized that love sometimes came with pain, love sometimes came with trials and tribulations, and most of all love sometimes came with a little deceit, but overall what they did realize during their journey was that real love overcome it all.This urban filled with romance novel is one that you don’t want to miss!