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Even small towns have secrets ...A Crafty Crime: Book 1Hadley James is finally living the life she's always wanted: making jam and selling it at the local farmers market. When the local knitting store owner asks her to cat-sit, Hadley doesn't give it a second thought. What could go wrong? A lot, apparently. Suddenly, her simple cat-sitting job has turned into a murder investigation and life no longer seems so perfect.Her twin brother, a deputy sheriff, is on the case but they've always done everything together and she can't help but get involved. Plus, it's much easier for Hadley to infiltrate the local knitting club than it is for her brother.Following a trail of crafty clues, the James twins learn that their sleepy town might be harboring more darkness than they could've imagined.A Fresh Kill: Book 2There's nothing like the Stoneybrook farmers market in summer. Fresh flowers, organic veggies, delicious jams ... and a dead body. When an outsider turns up murdered, all of the evidence points to his rival, Stoneybrook's beloved florist.Unable to believe a pillar of their community could be guilty of such a heinous crime, Hadley dives head-first into the investigation. Sure, she's busy looking for a new house, running her business, and dealing with her ex--who's back in town--but Hadley is determined to find the truth before the wrong man goes to jail.A Sweet Death: Book 3When a local teen goes missing, the town of Stoneybrook fears the worst.Hadley is sure Miranda's disappearance has nothing to do with the drug dealer who was found dead in Cascade Ridge. The charming, candy-shop cashier is entirely too sweet to get involved in any of that. But when the clues pile up, Hadley can't help but draw parallels.Suddenly autumn isn't feeling like the cozy season Hadley loves, and the clock is ticking faster than the leaves are falling.Every moment counts in a missing persons case, but whom do you suspect when the victim is beloved by all?Or is she?Each Stoneybrook Mystery comes with two canning recipes from Food in Jars creator, Marisa McClellan! Enjoy!