Author: Vincent B. LoCoco

Category: Historical Fiction

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A GRIPPING SICILIAN SAGA. A SWEEPING EPIC TALE OF LOVE, DRAMA, SACRIFICE, AND REDEMPTION, SET AMONG THE BEAUTIFUL LANDSCAPE OF SICILY. *WINNER OF THE B.R.A.G. MEDALLION AWARD IN HISTORICAL FICTIONThe beautiful, yet secluded, hilltop village of Bellafortuna, Sicily, is a great producer of wine and olive oil. The entire village prospers. However, after the arrival of the Vasaio family, production dwindles and the villagers soon find themselves in crushing debt to the Vasaios. Only the Sanguinetti family remains outside the control of the Vasaios, but the reason haunts Antonio Sanguinetti every day of his life, and he offers financial and emotional support to his fellow villagers. When Antonio's only son, Giuseppe, discovers his family's past, he becomes determined to take on the Vasaios and remove them from power. Led by the young Giuseppe, a plan is hatched that could result in either complete freedom for the villagers, or if it fails, forever solidify the Vasaios' control. Find out what happens in A Song for Bellafortuna. * SHORT LIST FINALIST IN THE WILLIAM FAULKNER-WILLIAM WISDOM WRITING COMPETITION * NAMED AS A HOT NEW RELEASE BY AMAZON* AMAZON BESTSELLING HISTORICAL FICTION NOVEL* LISTED AS A TOP RATED NOVEL BY AMAZON The novel has been called lyrical, intelligent, majestic, magical, powerful and compelling. Here are some advance reviews.Vincent B. LoCoco writes a heartwarming piece of historical fiction . . . He captured the essence of the Sicilian culture, especially regarding the value of ancestry and music . . . A Song For Bellafortuna is a beautiful tale of antiquity."- Readers Favorite 5 Star Review"The book was a joy to read. It is a wonderful story, told in a magical way."-Cavaliere Ufficiale Aldo Mancusi, President of the Enrico Caruso Museum of America in New York"An inspiring story of an Italian village threatened by commerce and saved by opera."-John Biguenet, author of The Torturer's Apprentice and OysterCategories: Italy Fiction, Italian Historical Fiction, Christian Historical Fiction, European Historical Fiction, Biographical Historical Fiction, Christian Historical Romance, Women's Historical Fiction, Opera Music