A Royal Farce by Laura Heffernan

Author: Laura Heffernan

Category: Womens Fiction & Chic Lit

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Enjoy this chicklit series about a fake engagement and secret royalty written by award-winning author Laura Heffernan.
Lila needs to pay her soul-crushing debt. Pierre needs a wife. Maybe they can help each other.
Once she finishes these renovations, Lila can finally sell her money pit and get back on her feet. But on box store wages, that’ll take decades. Then her friend Pierre proposes the perfect solution: he needs a green card. If Lila marries him, he'll pay for the job.
One problem: who is going to believe the gorgeous, brilliant investment banker fell for little Lila? Everyone, if they have any say. Not even their closest friends can suspect the truth. Lila fakes the walk of shame, feigns shock at Pierre's staged public proposal, and plans their wedding with a single-minded determination rivaled only by her Yorkie begging for treats.
Their fake relationship is so perfect, Lila starts to wish it was real. Then Pierre's brother drops a bombshell: they are royalty, princes to a tiny island nation, and Lila isn't princess material. Now, instead of studs and sandpaper, Lila finds herself worrying about titles and tiaras. Will she get her happily ever after, or will Lila's prince decide she's not so charming after all?
A ROYAL FARCE is the hilarious first book in the Retail to Riches series, which follows a plucky big box store employee on her journey from fighting to pay the bills to discovering she’s married royalty. Fans of Superstore will love this charming story.

"Heffernan has a way with the back-and-forth banter that I love to read between characters...This really was a sweet, funny, five-star experience!" - Sara, Chick Lit Central
"Wonderful banter and I loved all the quirky characters." - Comfy Chair Books
"Heffernan has a way with the back-and-forth banter that I love to read between characters, and what I really like is when the protagonist discovers new things about themselves that really creates the character evolution I hold so dear to my heart." - The Book Bag
"If you enjoy the hugely popular royal romance genre then you will enjoy this :) ...Laura is a 'new to me' author and I really enjoyed her writing style." - Jo, Reading is My Bliss