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Leah Starr is heartbroken yet furious after she is betrayed by her long-term boyfriend, Tyrese, in the worst possible way. For years, she put her all into her man, but his disrespect and disregard for her true worth has left her hurt and emotionally scarred. Determined never to be made a fool again, she is desperate to find a job and stand on her own two feet. But her world is turned upside down when she meets Amell Moss.Amell is powerful and intimidating, feared by most people who cross his path. All his time is spent running a national chain of clubs that he uses as a front for a multi-million-dollar drug business, so love is the last thing on his mind. His focus is on his business and exposing the snakes around him who only want to see him fail. But when he meets Leah, he’s immediately drawn to her fearless demeanor and beautiful spirit. And Leah can’t deny the intense magnetism she feels for Amell.Will they find the love that they’ve both been missing in each other? Or will those around them end their chance at love before it can even begin? Find out in this hood love story bursting with lies, betrayal, secrets, and most of all, the pursuit of real love.

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