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Before you become a dad, you’ll be a birth partner. Learn from a whole community of dads and Hypnobirthing experts on how you can embrace the Hypnobirthing journey with your partner - as one team throughout.

Birthing conventions often have a limited view of dads at birth, and how involved they can be in the delivery room. Far from being an anxious bystander, dads can be so much more; for their partners, their babies, and themselves!

In this book by DaddiLife Books - the dads & writers behind the leading online platform for dads - have worked with Natural Birth and Hypnobirthing experts to create a unique and in-depth guide for dads so that their role at birth isn’t as a nervous passenger, but as an active, involved, and positive birth partner.

What you’ll learn in this book:

The science of birth: Understanding exactly what happens to a woman’s body in pregnancy and birth to gain clarity and confidence on what drives your partner’s Oxytocin - the 'love hormone' that underpins natural birth.

Hypnobirthing techniques: The important factors behind a positive birth and a unique toolkit for dads - from breathing techniques with your partner, through to hypnobirthing affirmations, relaxation scripts, anchors, and more that empowers dads at birth and throughout pregnancy.

Birth planning: How to work with your partner to choose the right location for birth - whether that’s in hospital, birthing center, or home birth, and making a birth plan that both partners can understand and action - whether that takes place on a bed, birthing pool, or somewhere else entirely.

Being a true advocate at birth: How to best support your partner during birth, even in challenging circumstances. Understanding your rights when it comes to medication or when things don’t go to plan, and making your partner feel safe, calm and in-control during birth as well as in the first moments with your new wonderful baby.

This is the Hypnobirthing book for dads, and is underpinned by over 20 interviews with dads around the world who have been through Hypnobirthing, and offer a range of unique insights to help dads in their own personal journey to becoming the best Hypnobirthing partner they can be.

What Hypnobirthing Practitioners have been saying about A Positive Birth:

“Finally a book that looks at birth and hypnobirthing from the dad’s perspective! The role of dads in births and Hypnobirths is so central, and yet up to now most books were tailored just to mums. The positive birth has everything, the physiology, the hypnobirthing tools, the personal experiences. It will be an invaluable asset for us teachers!”

Dr Manuela Platé, Founder of L"Onda Hypnobirthing

"This book is an excellent guide for those preparing to become birth partners. Individuals are unique and every birth is different, but this book provides the information and knowledge essential for a positive birth experience. It is packed with practical tips and tools covering different scenarios and situations. Dads have an essential role as advocates and supporters in the birthing space, and this book is a solid guide to become one."

Lia Brigante, Policy & Practice Adviser. The Royal College of Midwives

This book isn’t just for first time dads. It’s the birth partner book for dads who are interested to learn about their unique birth role when it comes to Hypnobirthing, and enabling natural childbirth. This book provides the knowledge, tools, and real life stories of how to be a true advocate and positive birth partner so that you and your partner can feel in-control and stronger as a team throughout.

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