Author: Fanny Finch

Category: Historical Romance

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An English rose, they’d called her once, and her beauty and grace were admired by many. But then things changed, and she was named a flower poisonous...Having suffered tragedy after tragedy, Eleanor Ashford is but a shadow of her former self. Now, the widowed Countess of Grenshire reluctantly re-enters the world and returns to London, only to discover that the malicious whispers about her have not yet abated. At an unfortunate event at the market, however, she meets a man that jolts her heart back to life.Charles Duncan, the widower Duke of Finchester, has vowed to take his secret to the grave. He has shut his heart to the world, until the beauty and sadness of the one they call the Night Rose pierces through him like the sweetest thorn.Through the grief, the secrets and the lies, two broken people seek to make the ruins of their lives blossom, and build something anew. But a hateful soul is determined to prevent that, and they will stop at nothing to see them destroyed…If you like engaging characters, heart- wrenching twists and turns, and lots of romance, then you’ll love “A Night Rose for the Duke!” Buy “A Night Rose for the Duke!” and unlock the exciting story of Eleanor today!