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Spike Crawford is just getting out of jail on a technicality. He wastes no time trying to find out who framed him for a grizzly double murder. He finds that the clues lead to people close to home. Will he still choose to kill the men responsible for him losing his freedom even if that will hurt the people that he loves?Spook Crawford and Jet Johnson have been friends since the sandbox. Jet knows the real meaning "Blood Makes Us Related, Loyalty Makes Us Family". Jet has been in love with Tanae since adolescents. His first priority is to keep her safe and ensure that she lives out her dreams. When his relatives actions threaten Tanae well-being will Jet choose his relatives or his family.Tashena and Tanae Crawford were born into the world as twins however nothing about their personality would even suggest they are even related. Tashena Crawford is a young girl looking for love in all the wrong places after the death of her parents. She thinks she's found someone that loves her as much as she does him. Only to find out that he may have used her as a spawn to inflict more damage on her already fragile family causing them to be apart even more. Will she choose to give her loyalty to the man that has her heart or her brothers and family?Tanae Crawford is on her way to college until she sees everything the family is going through. Fighting with herself to decide if she should go to college or stay until the family gets back to normal. Will she decide to put her wants and needs first or will she let what's happening with her family dictate her next move?In life, there are decisions that are easy to make and some harder than anyone could imagine. The Crawford clan was always taught to face things head on. They don't know how to deal with things that have their mind and hearts going in two opposite directions. This is a story of love, betrayal, secrets, and snakes so get ready for the ride.

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