Author: E.C. Murray

Category: Literary

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NAMED A KIRKUS BEST BOOKS OF 2014 In this searing story of transformation, meshed with reflection, romance, and mystery, Elizabeth herds goats during roaring blizzards in the mountains of Southern France. "Murray writes with grace, complexity, and humor...a rare balance of light and darkness..readers will weep...and they will laugh.." Kirkus. Set in 1980, Elizabeth carves out a life without heat, running water, or even a good grasp of French. Far from her younger days as a New England preppie and Oregon hippie, the challenges of farm work daunt her. She befriends an Australian shepherd, reflects on her spirituality, and muses on the man she left behind. Elizabeth grows stronger as she faces self-doubt while still maintaining her humor. She ekes fun where she can. When tragedy strikes Elizabeth’s adopted family, she summons belief in herself and becomes the leader they desperately need. "Riveting." Scott Driscoll, University of Washington KIRKUS BEST BOOKS of 2014 Cited as New and Noteworthy by Seattle Times. Praised by Publishers Weekly.