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Making Vegan Meat can sound like a paradox.

I remember often people would say to me - Why do vegans want to eat foods that remind them of meat? "Simply put, the point is, as I'm sure you know if you are reading this, is to enjoy similar textures and flavors of foods we have grown up eating for decades without the attachment of Animal sufferingWe want our chewy meaty texture in our curry, our flaky smelly fish in our salad or even a tough steak-like protein that can be put with mashed potatoes, peas and gravy.We are still the same creatures who enjoyed those foods, but we want to mimic them in a cruelty-free way.

The Why?

With this in mind and understanding the why behind this.We have focused on the main textures and flavors of vegan foods that come close to mimicking this. With an additional focus on high protein options, healthy more wholefood options, and allergen-free options that we know vegans are missing.Your macro-nutrients are often set by yourself, however there are micro-nutrients that we all fundamentally need, we have been sure to add these along the way to ensure you are getting all the little bits needed to thrive on a Vegan Diet!

We want you excited to cook!

Think burgers, steaks, tacos, stir fry's, lobster rolls, meatballs, and orange chicken, just to name a few.Healthy, cheat day, quick and easy, or more challenging impress your friend's dishes.American classics but also foods from all around the world.With a guide to making the most popular meat replacements on the market today and a shopping list to make sure your plant-based pantry is always full to service your cooking needs and diet plan

We hope you enjoy eating them as much as I do.