A Curse in Darkness by Sherilee Gray

Author: Sherilee Gray

Category: Paranormal Romance

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"This book more than blew my mind, it consumed me."
I once faced evil…and lost.
With the fate of my family—and our magic—suddenly in my hands, I vow to protect them no matter what. But the coven trials have claimed many witches, and vanquishing malevolent spirits, while hunting a possessed hellhound on a killing spree, is far more than I bargained for.
Now the hellhound’s domineering alpha is shadowing me.
More beast than man, Warrick both tempts and terrifies. Still, I can’t resist our overwhelming attraction and when a twisted enemy makes their move and I’m faced with an impossible choice, I need him more than ever.
But fortune is fickle, and in a world full of monsters, falling in love can be hazardous to your health—and your heart.
An exciting new series set in the Knights of Hell world!