Author: Nicole Taylor

Category: Christian Romance

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Ronnie Dickson is excited when she lands a coveted position with one of the country’s leading law firms, Jones Law. Ronnie expects that this will be the job to help her discover her destiny. What she doesn’t expect is to fall for the firm’s handsome CEO, David Jones, first day on the job.Driven and focused, David Jones knows what he wants for his life. He wants to make his mark as the newest CEO of his family’s legal dynasty and he wants to get elected state representative and bring positive change to Chicago. David also knows that to achieve his dreams he has to avoid another scandal at all costs.But what is a man to do when the woman who captures his heart is also the one who is off limits. As David’s intense feelings for Ronnie threaten to consume him, he must decide – should he give up the thing that could stand in the way of achieving his goals? Or should he sacrifice his ambitions for lasting love.