Author: DS LaLonde

Category: Horror & Paranormal

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On the shores of the St. Lawrence River there lies a secretive biomedical research facility. Within that facility’s deepest recesses are two vampires. One is a ravenous humanoid bat. A true apex predator. The other appears human but is no less dangerous than its monstrous peer.These vampires have amazing regenerative abilities, enabling them to rapidly heal from the direst of wounds. The facility’s scientists are trying to understand those unparalleled recuperative powers so they might be harnessed and applied to medical science. Their goal is to craft a universal panacea, fashioning medicines from monsters.Such a therapeutic would have nearly limitless possibilities for treating a myriad of conditions, including wounds, infections, or diseases. Many could be saved. A select few would profit.Dr. Wil Goggins, an eager research scientist, is thrilled to receive the promotion that grants him access to the mysterious secure areas of the facility. He will soon learn that many dark choices must be made in service of the greater good.As the scientific teams study the vampires, investigative teams work to find and procure more such creatures. Their efforts will take them to a town in the backwoods of Pennsylvania, where monsters are on the prowl. Although, whether the more fearsome monsters are vampires or humans is far from certain.Blood is often the price of progress.