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Kyra ‘Ky’ Rosedale was a well-known chick around her way who grew up in the system along with her best friend, Rozlyn ‘Roz’ MacAfee and their homegirl, Passion Fleet. She looked forward to the day she turned eighteen and aged out the hellhole she lived in. However, Kyra never imagined the bond she created with her friends would land her in the middle of so much chaos. Kyra, Rozlyn, and Passion all vowed to be three of the baddest bitches in Vegas, even at the tender age of seventeen, but not all their future goals matched.Knowing their finances was the roadblock to their futures, Kyra and Roz joined forces with their friend Passion. The three friends had mastered playing men for their money and had plenty saved for the moment they all aged out the system. Kyra and Roz took their futures serious. It was never their intention to get too deep into Passion’s operation. Kyra, as well as Roz’s plans, were to save and use their money to secure their place after their release and prepare to further their education since it was their only way out of the lifestyle that was dealt to them. Coming from backgrounds consisting of mental, verbal, physical, and sexual abuse, Kyra, Rozlyn and Passion’s motto was to look out for themselves and each other. With their pretty looks and up-kept styles, getting men came easy for all of them. Things were good in their line of hustle until Kyra and Rozlyn both found Mr. Right, who started off as two of their targets. How will Kyra and Roz face the men they have fallen for once Passion’s envy kicks in and gives up their truth behind the love they have both developed for Zaron and Money Peoples, two well-known dope boys of Paradise, Nevada?