A Bad Idea I’m About to Do by Chris Gethard

Author: Chris Gethard

Category: Humor

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“In this collection of tales from a nerdy, stumbling adolescence . . . Chris Gethard will make you laugh, cry, and be glad that you aren’t him.” —The Huffington Post

Chris Gethard has often found himself in awkward situations most people, including you, probably would have safely avoided. The good news is now, thanks to this book, you can enjoy the painfully funny consequences of his unfortunate decisions at a safe distance.

A Bad Idea I’m About to Do invites readers to join Chris as he navigates an adolescence and adulthood mired in hilariously ill-fated nerdom, and to take comfort in the fact that—as his experiences often prove—things could always be much, much worse.

“If you like underdog stories told by a secret comedy superhero, Chris Gethard is your man. Each story is the perfect combination of hilarious and heartbreaking.” —Amy Poehler

“Chris Gethard is comedy in a fighter’s crouch.” —Seth Meyers

“There’s truly no poorer judgment than not buying this book. Except maybe diving into a swimming pool full of malaria.” —Patton Oswalt

“Self-hating funny guy comes to terms with his depression . . . He’s easy to root for . . . The author has a good time laughing at himself.” —Kirkus Reviews