Author: Hannah Raybans

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Every parent dreams that one day their child will become a great leader.As a parent, you recognize that childhood is the most delicate and impressionable period because during that time, the foundation for a child’s future personality is established. This is why it’s so vital to teach your child leadership skills early and for parents to have a clear definition of a leader.Some parents mistakenly confuse being a leader with being a “star.” They think because their child is popular, gets good grades, or is a talented athlete, that means they are leaders or have leadership skills. Not taking anything away from your child having star qualities, because who doesn’t want their child to be a triple threat? Popular, smart, and athletic? However, being those things does not necessarily make your child a leader or mean that they shouldn’t be taught additional leadership skills to help them grow and succeed as an adult. There are wildly different views on leadership and key qualities of a good leader. As a parent you must decide what the most important leadership skills are that you want your child to learn and then you must cultivate and nurture those skills that you feel are important. This book was written to equip parents with effective ways that they can demonstrate and inspire, through actions and words, their child to become the next great leader. Here’s to raising an awesome leader!