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Parenting: The child Care Book :7 Easy Tips for Preparing Your Child for Success in School through PlayThis book is part of THE ULTIMATE CHILD CARE BOOK BUNDLE , which contains all 7 books in the series. GET THIS BOOK FREE WITH AN EXTRA BONUS INSIDE JUST FOR YOU“Parenting: The child Care Book 7 Easy Tips for Preparing Your Child for Success in School through Play” considered as “The Ultimate Child Care Book Bundle” Kindle Edition is a book that mothers out there will surely like to have preparing their child. This book aims to provide mothers the information through tips on how to make their child prepared in school in the near future. This is also the book that has to provide an essential way for teaching children the importance of entering school. It is the book that provides guidance for mother like making communication as a foundation to all things. Communication is an essential tool for the child to enhance and make sure to be developed at early age. While communication serves as one important tool for the child when he or she entered school this book also guides mothers to let their child learns How to make reading a great habit. Children needs guidance before going to school and this book contains all of the useful tips for mothers to make their child or children prepared for school. This book is perfectly made for mothers as it has tips for mothers to teach their child or children on How to count easily on their fingers. It is not easy to teach children to count through their fingers but this would give a better tips and strategies on how to make it simpler. The book is divided in to chapters and by topic. Each of the given topic contains important tips to make your mothering life easier and more convenient for you. You may need this book for your child even during the start of schooling. It will depend upon your decision. Remember that learning starts at home and with the guidance of parents for children. To make sure that your child is able to develop and make success in school, make use of this book’s tips so you will have no worries when your child enters school in the near future. Check Out What Others Are Saying...I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by the content of this book. First and foremost, the child care steps set out in it are very easy to implement. As a father of 3 kids, I am constantly trying to learn new child care techniques to make my children better people and preparing them for the real world. I do not want to give too much of the book away, but 2 major takeaways are talking to your child and sharing everything with them. These things seem like no brainers when it comes to child care, but Rita explains things in a way that makes you think a little differently. I especially like the part in which she talked about correcting their speech. Don't make them feel stupid, just respond to them in a grammatically correct way, which gets them to hear the proper use of the words. Great child care tip and a necessity in preparing children for school. All in all a great book for easy to implement child care tips.-MichelleDon’t forget to get the rest of the series under the following book titles in the search barBOOK 2.Parenting:The Baby Care book:7 Essential Tips for New Mums A Guide to the First Weeks of Motherhood by Rita JohnsonBOOK 3: Parenting: The Baby Care Book: Caring for Your New-born to Six Month Old by Rita JohnsonBOOK 4.Parenting:The Baby Care Book: Caring for Your Six to Eighteen Month Old by Rita JohnsonBOOK 5.Parenting:The Child Care Book: Caring for Your Toddler By Rita JohnsonBOOK 6.ParentingThe Child Care Book: Caring for Your Pre-schooler by Rita JohnsonBOOK 7. Parenting: The Child Care Book: Caring for Your School Age Child by Rita JohnsonOr SAVE 40% BY PURCHASING THE ENTIRE SERIES FOR JUST $9.99 WHEN YOU SEARCH THE ULTIMATE CHILD CARE BOOK BUNDLEGreat! Simply scroll up to the top

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