Author: Darnise Martin PhD

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What Every Woman In Her 40's Needs To Know This book is for every woman in her 40's who could use some encouragement and validation that she is enough, and that she can bounce back from anything that temporarily knocked her down, shook her confidence, and left her doubting herself.40 Something is for women who are revisiting themselves.I wrote it for women who have consistently given so much over the years, and who are now stopping to ask, What About Me? Have I given so much that I don't have anything left for myself?I wrote it for the woman who is feeling a void in her life because she doesn't know where she fits in anymore. Her roles have shifted, and she is finally taking time for herself, revieewing her goals and her dreams in light of all of the peaks and valleys that she has encountered in her life's journeys.In 40 Something, you'll find:Wisdom Nuggests Gained From My Personal Life, and From Years of Coaching Women Through The Good and The Bad.How Having It All Even In Hollywood Is Not All That It Is Cracked Up To BeTools To Help Everywoman Reflect and Empower Herself to Make Her Best ChoicesEncouragement To Say Yes To The Next Step In The Life You Really Want Now40 Smething is for the woman who is now ready to be Front & Center In her own Life Now!This book is for the woman who can now stand in the wisdom that her own life has taught her, take a deep breath, and craft new fulfilling pathways for herself.