28-Day Diabetic Diet Plan for Weight Loss by Brittany Poulson

Author: Brittany Poulson

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Cook up healthy habits and take control of your diabetes
For many people with diabetes, weight loss is key to reducing symptoms and feeling great—but adjusting your diet and lifestyle can be challenging. Where do you even begin? This comprehensive guide removes the guesswork, helping you create a sustainable diabetic diet plan and optimize your health.
Get a diabetic cookbook that helps you:
Follow a 28-day plan—Set yourself up for success with a monthlong meal and exercise plan that walks you through building a healthy routine so you can begin tackling weight loss goals.
Understand the diabetic diet—Find a robust and informative primer on the foods you should emphasize, the foods you should avoid, proper portion size, and how to determine your caloric needs.
Prepare delicious dishes—Explore 80 tasty recipes made from simple ingredients, and discover just how easy it can be to maintain your diabetes diet.
Start meeting your health goals with the 28-Day Diabetes Plan for Weight Loss.