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The Year is 1955. Racial tensions are high in the Deep South as the country embarks on the start of the Civil Rights Movement. In Jacksonville Florida, a tiny section of town known as Lavilla is the place where colored people thrive. The people of Lavilla have successfully built up a community that can withstand the test of time.Frank Marsetti, a crooked politician soon sets his sights on Lavilla and its thriving businesses. He quickly teams up with a ruthless local pimp and together they seek to takeover Lavilla and all its inhabitants. But little do these two men know, Lavilla already has its leader and his name is Ransom Bodean. Reba Bodean is an old woman bitter at the world and suffering from dementia. Her thoughts may be cloudy but one thing is very clear to her. During the summer of 1955 a gangster named Ransom Bodean walked into her life and changed it forever.Take a trip down memory lane with Mrs. Reba as she recalls a time when real gangsters move in silence, the code of the streets is strictly upheld, and a man would risk it all for the woman he loves. Find out why the year 1955...was truly “ The Era of a Gangster’s Love”.

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