With all the impending doomsday predictions everyone is looking for a reason to smile these days. And why not? Smiling has been shown to relieve stress, boost the immune system, release endorphins, and even make us more attractive. It’s the natural drug. So put down the Xanax and pick up a copy of 1,033 Reasons to Smile. Whether it’s the sight of baby animals wrestling each other or watching pigeons fight over a Cheeto, there are more than enough funny, silly, and downright weird reasons to put a smile on your face inside this little book of joy, including:
     • When the person in the next lane lets you ahead of them in heavy traffic
     • When you finally get back into your own bed after being away from home
     • You check the calendar on a Friday and realize that Monday is a holiday
We’re all looking for a reason to smile these days. Here’s 1,033 of them.