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F*ck if most of us haven't gotten lost in our lives at some point, looking for a way to see through it or a guide to figure sh*t out. Sometimes you have to leave things behind to be light enough to keep trekking ahead. Here is some raw honesty to kick all your worst traits to the curb. The following book is everything I've learned on my minimalist life journey as well as things I may be currently working on. You may think this is only going to be about minimalism, getting rid of extra t-shirts and useless kitchen equipment, but it is in fact about life in general. Our lives are cluttered with so much stuff other than just tangible things. Don't think of this as your usual run of the mill minimalism book, it is SO much more than that!! This life advice may help you to become a happier, healthier person on cloud nine doing things you never dreamed were actually possible. F*ck being miserable til the day you die.

In my early twenties I was a much different person than the person I am today. Implementing more and more of the things on this list, made me the kinder, more loving, happier, debt free person I am today.

I hope this helps you in some way. Actually I don't hope, I KNOW it will help you in some way, if you let it.

This was originally based off of one of my very successful Youtube videos. So many people like it I decided to make it better.