Author: K. Bartholomew

Category: Fantasy

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Zombie Plague is a collection of three zombie short stories by zombie author K. Bartholomew.Zombie Plague contains the following three short reads:

The Village Bake Sale - Meet Arthur Cartwright, the high strung community organiser for the tiny village of Burley-in-Wharfedale. It’s the day of the long awaited bake sale, which Arthur has spent weeks organizing. Only, the rotten villagers refuse to give poor Arthur a break. There are problems with the raffle, villagers refusing to queue up properly, stall holders playing music too loud and teenagers on the children’s bouncy castle. But most of all, the special celebrity Big Brother guest is on the verge of giving poor Arthur a heart attack. Meanwhile, strange riots are breaking out throughout the country. Can Arthur somehow make use of these riots to solve all his problems?

Antidote - In post zombie infected England, a small group of elites have banded together to create a new society. However, rivalries and secret agendas persist. One such rivalry pits Professor Atkinson, Chief Endocrinologist in New London, against another as they both strive to create the zombie cure before their rival and gain the Nobel Prize. What comes first – Ego or saving the human race? This paranormal, dystopian zombie story contains scenes of intrigue and gore.

The Mary Celeste - Amidst the great horse flu epidemic of 1872, we join the crew of the Mary Celeste on board the most famous ghost ship in history during their famous voyage across the Atlantic Ocean. First Mate Richardson must risk insubordination to deal with a Captain who appears to be losing his mind. But that’s the least of Richardson’s problems; he must also find a way of appeasing a mutinous crew who are disappearing one by one.

Zombie Plague contains scenes of gore, death and bad language.