Author: Harmon Cooper

Category: Literary Fiction

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From the writer of the Life is a Beautiful Thing series comes a short story collection that explores the depths of human delusion, both good and bad.In "My Machine Doll," a Japanese man confesses his love for an android he picked up at an electronic store in Akihabara. In "Zombie Lolita," a hopeful writer gets a letter from The New Yorker which turns out to be a Nigerian scam.

"The Updated Elder's Pocket Companion" is a spoof of the Elder's Pocket Companion, a founding document of Mormonism that provides instructions for marrying someone who has already died (seriously). In "Thank You, Mr. Tiger," a celebrity dons a tiger costume for a breath of fresh air at a local fair, getting more than he bargained for once a child falls into a fountain.

In "Blogging the Muse," an Austin blogger's bizarre morning rituals are exposed. "The Attar of Roses" is a magical piece about a premature birth and a mysterious vial of rose oil.

Serious at times, laugh out loud funny at others, this collection is a quick and fun. No political satire here -- just storytelling with a heart.