Author: K. Bartholomew

Category: Fantasy

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By his own admission, Todd Baywater is a bitter, twisted, friendless rat; A washed up actor who never got his big break. So when zombies take over the world, why do they keep him alive? Why do they send him to Hollywood along with several famous celebrities and movie stars? When Todd finally gets his “big break,” will it really be worth it? How low will he stoop for fame in a world where zombies are the audience? How far can zombie Spielberg push him before he snaps?Zollywood was originally written as a 10,000 word short story as one of the three short stories in Zombie Virus, by K. Bartholomew. Now Zollywood has been expanded into a 30,000 word zombie novella for your enjoyment.

Zollywood, a hilarious zombie novella contains scenes of zombie gore and violence.