Author: Pat Wilpenter

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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Doctor Tess found the cure for dementia. Now somebody wants her DEAD.When a billionaire shares his heartache about his father's battle with Alzheimer's, her heart responds and 29 year old Tess devotes herself to finding a cure. Ironically, her life-saving discovery plunges Tess into unexpected dangers in this fast-paced STAND-ALONE medical thriller.

Here's what readers are saying...
"Gritty medical crime drama... with class!"
"A Compelling Medical Mystery. Wish Dr. Tess Scott Was My Doctor."
"I absolutely loved it!"

The Story Starts...
The thunderous roar of high performance motorbikes was the last thing they wanted to hear. Especially outside their 2-story lakeside home.

The Chinese billionaire and his wife had chosen a leafy and exclusive suburb to avoid riff-raff like that. So when the deep throated roaring continued, he strode to the front window.

“Lian,” he called out to his wife, shouting above the din. “There must be 20 motorbikes out there. What on earth is—”

Before he could finish, his cell phone rang. A cultured voice said “Listen carefully, Mr. Hoy. Go to your study window and look outside.”

“Who is this?” he demanded.

There was no response.

“Who is this?” repeated Hoy, louder this time.

After a short pause, the voice repeated the instruction. “Go to your study window and look outside.”

Hoy obeyed, taking the cell phone with him.

On reaching the study, he padded across the deep pile carpet to the window and pulled the draw cord of the full-length curtains. As they whooshed open, a bullet smashed through the window.