Author: Jonathan Cragle

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Get this top-ranked book now for a steal of 99 cents!Frustrated with the obstacles keeping you from living a successful life, regardless of your situation? Confused about what success and a success mindset really is and how to get one? Do you want to live a life that really matters, regardless of your age, background or experience?
Join Jonathan Cragle on this exciting journey to crushing your limiting beliefs and becoming a more confident and giving person. Make a huge impact on your world and those around you starting today!

Mr. Cragle distills struggles that exist in people's lives into easy to understand and powerful stories that take us from the 1964 Olympics, to the daily life of a single mother and her son who lives with Spinal Muscular Atrophy; from a CrossFit gym to a woman who has fully lived and persevered with Parkinson's disease for 42 years!

This stirring book is filled with stories; action plans and motivation sure to help you finally find and live a successful and free life that matters!