AUTHOR: Roberta Kagan

CATEGORY: Historical Fiction



DEAL STARTS: 2016-07-27

DEAL ENDS: 2016-07-28



Description : You Are My Sunshine is the second book in the All my Love, Detrick series. When Helga Haswell becomes pregnant by a married SS officer who abandons her, she finds herself desperate. She is afraid to tell her parents that she is pregnant out of wedlock, so her doctor suggests that Helga check into Heinrich Himmler’s home for the Lebensborn. This is a program, he explains, that has been instituted by the Nazis to create perfect Aryan babies. Since Helga is of pure German blood and the child’s father is an SS officer, she will be accepted, the doctor assures her. He promises that her child will have a good life because adoption of Lebensborn children is available only to Hitler’s elite. Not only this but she will have the finest medical care during her pregnancy. Once the baby is born, the Lebensborn will assume all responsibility for the child, releasing Helga to liver her life without the burden of a fatherless offspring. In her desperation, all of this sounded perfect to Helga-that was before she felt life stirring in her womb. However by the time she felt life, it was already too late. She had already moved into Steinhoring, a home for the Lebensborn. The papers were signed. She could not escape. Hitler owned her unborn child.
The superior race would prove to be inferior after all. Hitler’s elite would run for cover, some would commit suicide, some would be tried in Nuremberg for crimes against humanity, while others would escape with their tails tucked between their legs and head for South America or other friendly ports. But God had other plans for Helga’s daughter This child’s life would take an unexpected but significant turn..

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