Author: E.M. Cooper

Category: Fantasy

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Xavier Jones, a thirteen-year-old boy is abandoned by his parents at St Griswold College in the mysterious Mourn Forest. Evil is brewing at St Griswold and beyond its walls. Xavier discovers the school and its inhabitants have strange customs and dark secrets.Through his friends, Ethan and Gabe he discovers humour, hope and courage‚Äďand the first stirrings of his abilities. In a magical world teeming with angels, demons, shape shifters and the Darklaw, the boys meet Beth, a young seer from Ambrosia. Using their abilities and devices, the teenagers must discover who they can trust. Together they journey across a country infiltrated by sinister forces and witness the terrifying First Strike, a celestial battle between angelic and demonic armies. In the first of this five book fantasy series, Xavier learns of his destiny and a frightening prediction.