Author: Yvonne Lehman

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Anybody can write. Right? But how do you write "right"? That is, how do you write in a way that leads to success as a writer? In Writing Right to Success, best-selling and award-winning authors share their journeys from taking the first step to achieving success. They also offer valuable insights and instruction into mastering the craft of writing. Topics include:Seven Habits of the Purpose-driven Christian Writer – James Watkins
Writing Stories that Move Your Readers – Gayle Roper
Why Write? and How to Start – Yvonne Lehman
The Magic of Transitional Words and Phrases – Donn Taylor
Is It Too Late? – Gail Gaymer Martin
Writing Roadblocks and Destination Detours – Edie Melson
Your Unique Voice – Cecil Murphey
Tenacity – the Vehicle to Publication – DiAnn Mills
Understanding a Writer’s Psyche – Dennis E. Hensley, Ph.D
Stellar Dialogue – Tosca Lee
Avoiding Misuse of Words – Donn Taylor
Dissecting Your Novel – Gail Gaymer Martin
Writing is Recorded - Tom Morrisey
Heroes with Clay Feet – Ann Tatlock
Excellent Success – James Watkins
Tips for Writing Dynamic Devotions – Dianne Neal Matthews
Thou Shalt Copy – Brian Bird
Children’s Writing 101: Five Common Misconceptions – Michelle Medlock Adams
Writers and the Power of Definition – Donn Taylor
Can You Say Change? – Gayle Roper
Becoming a Resilient Writer – Edie Melson
Waiting for Inspiration – Cecil Murphey
Writing Amish Fiction – Kathleen Fuller
Spontaneous Creativity – Eva Marie Everson
Plot in Action! – Eddie Jones
When to Fix and When to Let Go – Yvonne Lehman

And true, inspirational success stories.