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This is the exact method I have used to publish 22 books in past 2 years, out of which 15 have been in past 7 months. Now you can use the exact method to become a published Kindle author this weekend.
If this is for you if,You are a business owner, professional, or coach looking to increase your earning exponentially. You are a business owner, professional, or coach looking to create/expand your brand. You want both of the above. You are a blogger and want to increase your authority in the niche. You are looking to start a passive income generation business on the sides. You have a message you want to convey to people. You want to help people solve a problem, learn a skill, or reach a goal through your book, and earn income from such an effort. You are busy and want to have a published book under your name. You do not want to spend thousands of dollars to get the whole process done by someone else. You are a first time author, and for whatever reasons you want to publish a book on Kindle platform. You have some idea about your book, but do not feel you are ready with all the content yet! Give your creative urge a vent while working at your day job. You have ideas that need to be churned into books and taken to the right audience.