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'Write & Publish Your Non-Fiction Kindle Book This Weekend: Even if you haven't written more than an email'
Proven Step-by-Step Process Used to Write Kindle Best Sellers.
This is the exact method I have used to publish 22 books in past 2 years, out of which 15 have been in past 7 months. Now you can use the exact method to become a published Kindle author this weekend.
If this is for you if,You are a business owner, professional, or coach looking to increase your earning exponentially
You are a business owner, professional, or coach looking to create/expand your brand
You want both of the above
You are a blogger and want to increase your authority in the niche
You are looking to start a passive income generation business on the sides
You have a message you want to convey to people
You want to help people solve a problem, learn a skill, or reach a goal through your book, and earn income from such an effort
You are busy and want to have a published book under your name
You do not want to spend thousands of dollars to get the whole process done by someone else
You are a first time author, and for whatever reasons you want to publish a book on Kindle platform.
You have some idea about your book, but do not feel you are ready with all the content yet!
Give your creative urge a vent while working at your day job
You have ideas that need to be churned into books and taken to the right audience

This process is mainly for authoring and publishing non-fictional book. Hence I have kept the simplest of the tools that will get the job done. However, part of the process can by applied by the authors of fictional books as well.
Along with this book download 2 toolkits - tools that reduce your time and increase efficiency of your work, at least doubling your earning potential instantly.
Using exact same method one of my students published her book in a week - covering her Idea to Publishing journey. Here is what she says -
"..I felt like we are sitting at a park bench and discussing how to write a book, get it published, precautions and tricks to be used. Very user friendly and humorous tone.
Rich content and fully packed with numerous details. Guides in baby steps towards getting the book published and how to use the right strategies to increase book sales.”
- Priyang Anand, first-time Kindle author
For a limited time I am giving away 30 minute Skype strategy session for free to start and grow your Kindle Publishing business. Reach me using the contact details given in the book.
So! If you wish to write and publish your non-fiction Kindle book AND generate sales i a matter of days, pick up this book now.