Author: John Hennessy

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Writing can be a hard and lonely activity. Aspiring authors can make a lot of mistakes along the way. But let me show you how you can bypass a lot of the pitfalls. If you really want to make a living as a writer, let this book give you some practical guidance so that you really can punch your weight above an increasingly competitive marketplace.In this book, How to Write, Keep Writing and Keep Motivated: Writing Tips for Aspiring Authors, you'll be introduced to many things about the writing process you may not have considered. This can harm your book, future books, future sales, and undermine your chances of making a living at this.

I'm in my seventh year of writing books. The money I earn has not happened overnight. It is still a hard road to traverse. I'm not a millionaire, and this book makes no promises that you will be either. However, if you work hard, and put the tips in this book into practise, I am confident you will be on your way to becoming a full time writer.

Join me there by reading this book. You can sample it, so you have nothing to lose, and if you make it to the end of the book. there's news about a FREE book I will send you once you join my exclusive writers group at:-

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