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Tips and tricks to write quality books… FAST! Did you know that writing a book isn’t that time consuming? It can be as short or long as you want. Providing the readers with some quality as well as quantity is only a matter of know-how and experience. Start writing and gain experience by practicing. In this book, I’ll show you how I was able to write about 100 books in a few months, some of which are longer, sell better than others and help me generate a passive income.In this book, you can learn: How to start with ideas. Pros and cons of fiction and non-fiction, including potential and market share. Tips and tricks from successful writers. Formatting and editing advice. How to use synonyms to your advantage. And much more! Keywords: writing fast, write fast, writing quickly, fast typing, fast writing, quick writing, short books, long books, non-fiction, nonfiction, non fiction books, fiction writing, writing fiction, how to write fiction, how to write non-fiction, create quick books, write ebooks, writing ebooks, how to write short books, writing short books, write fiction books, write non fiction books, write a book in one day, write a book in 1 day, write a book in 24 hours, write a book in less than 24 hours, write in 24 hours, writing skills, writing techniques, fast writing skills, writing methods, writing tips, writing advice, techniques for authors, tips for authors, writing tips for authors, how to write a book, write a book now